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Our Blog is written by Allison Gleich, she has been working at Saunderskill Farms since 2014. Allison recently graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a Bachelor Degree in Marketing and would like to start a career in the digital marketing field.

Winter Farm Market
January 19, 2015


Hudson Valley Draft Horse Spring Plow - TODAY!
May 3, 2014

Today is the HV Draft Horse Association Spring Plow!

It will be a great day full of old fashion demonstrations, animals, various vendors, wagon rides, really delicious food vendors (Out Post BBQ, Home made empanadas, Hamburgers, Hotdogs & Courtney's Cupcakes for dessert!). Live Music and Dancing starts around 11.  Should be a really fun day! We hope you will join us! 10-4



Happy Easter
April 20, 2014

OPEN Today- Easter Sunday- 7am-6pm


We have been open at Saunderskill Farm for 3 weeks now. THANK YOU! A big thank you to all of our customers who have continued to show us such incredible support. What a great feeling to open after a long cold winter and have so many wonderful people coming through the door welcoming us back. You are what keep Saunderskill growing and we thank you for that. Please help us make your experience the best we can by offering us feedback. We love to receive emails from our customers via, Face Book (, Instagram (Saunderskill) and also our suggestion box located in the entrance way.

Enjoy a few photos taken at our home farm yesterday of the Hot House Tomatoes and Strawberries. This year they are being pollinated with honey bees! If you remember last year the berries were small and funny shaped, this year they look nicely shaped and are growing nicely.

A beautiful photo sent to us by Eric Bean. Thank you Eric, you are able to capture such beautiful images.

This is where the bees live with their Queen.

April 1st at Saunderskill Farm
April 1, 2014

Today is the day! It is April 1st! The stand opens today after a long winter, we are open 7am-6pm. Closed on Monday. Here is a look at what is happening at our home farm-


Oops! Baby Lia is not something you will find in the greenhouse, but isn't she cute?! Lia is my sister Jessica and Brother-In-Law Peter's daughter. They  just moved to Virginia Beach, must have been thinking of them because Peter starts his new job today.

Blossoms on the Hot House Tomatoes!

Stawberries standing tall and green

Dad Built a new grill to cook the chicken on! He's pretty clever!


Mixed Lettuce





Mid-March in the Farm Greenhouses
March 15, 2014

Claudia checking out the sprouted lettuce mix and various 4 1/2 in pots



Hanging Combination Baskets


Double Impatien

Combination Hanging Baskets (more)

Flats of Begonias

Hot House Tomato Plants

Tomatoes on the bottom, Lettuce Mix in the middle and Strawberries up top

Strawberries green and growing!




Hot House Strawberries 2014
March 4, 2014


This morning our thermometer read -10! The greenhouses are warm and filling up fast!